In the beginning

We have been busy working away and building out our ideas and knowledge with our first game, which is in its early development stages. What you see here has been produced through unity.


Below is the start of our ideas and different thoughts put on paper. Building out what we want to do in the story, the scenes we want to see and the character interactions.

Character Models

First look at some concepts for different characters that could possibly be in the game.

Dream Sequence

The following is a dream sequence scene we have been working on. Here trying out some different lighting and effects overlapped to see what we could produce.

Cave System

The other scene we have been developing is a cave system. For this we used the ProBuilder plugin which we have found to be very useful to create environments very rapidly. It has been a joy to use. Again working on our lighting and what effects we could use to change it up.

Other news

The base prototype is in progress as we are looking to hopefully have something playable in the next couple months.

Talk again soon.


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