In the build: Dev Days, Pizza and Dogs

We continue to meet regularly holding ‘dev nights’ to further the build for the first prototype of ‘Deep Earth’.

See the pictures below or check out our Instagram to see the progress of the build.

Fueled by Domino’s (hook us up!).

We have been focusing on the apartment of main character John. For this we need to make almost a complete building that the player can move through.

To achieve this we each have been working on a different component to make up the apartment building.

We have been loving the progress and easy of use of ProBuilder.


In ProBuilder first we have been focusing on the structures before adding materials and textures. Here you can see a basic hallway with apartment doors, fire stairs and elevator.

We used the ‘Subdivide Faces’ and ‘Connect Edges’ features in ProBuilder to create the variety of door ways and arches by working out the faces needed for each. This allows us to quickly build simply structures and scale them to their real world counter parts.

Hopefully we will have this level done very soon. Till next time…


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