Sprint 4 – ‘The Animator’

“‘At least you’ll be getting some sunlight today. The Chief of Staff has me running around the office today calming the nerves of our policy director’.

‘For what reason? Do you know something I don’t?’

‘Not yet, but I’m told you’ll be calling the shots today. Apparently the big man thinks it’s time for you to come to the conclusions for him. I think they might be planning on listening to you today’.

‘Does nobody know what the hell is going on?’ He replied with a tone of impatience.” – ch 1

Sprint 4 has been a very interesting time at Picklock Games. We finally have a decent looking prototype for John’s apartment. This has been the process of white-boarding, arguing and lots of googling about common heights and on a few occasions has even involved a tape measure coming out, getting an average size of kitchen cupboards.




Whilst no means a production quality output, we are happy with how it is progressing for the end to end prototype.

The next objective of the sprint was to connect some of the other areas we have been working on, finally starting to create the world John lives in. Using the probuilder tool and some great assets we have pulled together the rooms of John’s neighbours.


The sprint velocity suffered a little this sprint, we have had issues with productivity within the team. We have had both IT failures (bad for 3 IT professionals) and the delay of work. We had aimed on having John actually in his apartment, but rolling with the punches (and prioritizing) we have re-planned and all up had a productive sprint.  We are looking into building proper repos with SourceTree and Bitbucket and are fine tuning the use of assets and checking in our builds.

What’s next? Working on finishing the apartment complex, including a lift so there is the start of player choice for the interactions in John’s life and finally will starting including AI controls and NPC into the game.

This is a screenshot of some of Sean’s current work this sprint – The elevator with maneuverable doors, providing one of the ways in which John can reach his destination (the ground floor). Each way has it’s own choices and outcomes!

Stay in touch with us during the week through our Facebook- picklockgames and Instagram.
Until next time



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